About Us

RCC TrainingInvolved in the Computer Industry for over 20 years, our experience includes programming (software development), Analysis (troubleshooting), Project Management and Help Desk Support. There is no problem too small, and no challenge that we cannot overcome.

High productivity is important to any business. Ensuring your employees are properly trained to use the applications you use in your office is crucial. Our approach to Training is unique because we make every effort to ensure your training is effective.

We offer a unique approach to Training. Our half-day sessions* ensure maximum retention and leave the rest of the day to get your regular work done. Large groups are unheard of because small groups learn better. No need to arrange transportation; we’ll bring the Certified trainer to you. Training materials can be customized to your needs and our rates are affordable.

We limit class sizes for the simple reason that small groups learn better. With smaller groups, there is plenty of opportunity for interaction with the instructor and other participants.

Tell us what you need to learn, and we’ll compile the right material for you at no extra charge. From beginner to “Power User”, we can handle your needs.


* Full day sessions are available if preferred, of course!