About RCC Training

We are Corporate Training Specialists.

That means we are experts at understanding the skills you need to have in order to be more effective at your job. Since Microsoft Office is the primary tool used in most offices today, we have focused on this Productivity software since skills in this area will have the greatest impact on your day-to-day work life. We can often reduce the amount of time spent on an activity from hours to minutes leaving you time for additional analysis or other tasks. Maybe it will just let you get home on time for a change!

Our full-day classes use courseware from a Canadian vendor, and can be customized to meet your needs. These excellent books – yours to keep after the session is over – can be used as a reference when performing related functions back at work. On-site sessions can use these books with full-day classes or two half-day classes. We have laptops available for your group to use during training, if required, and you’re always welcome to bring your own machine.

Half-day classes are extremely popular since staff will only need to be away from their desks for half a day. They can concentrate on their training and not worry about being called away for something that can likely wait another couple of hours. This is especially useful with onsite training since it’s not uncommon to have staff members pulled out of training to deal with an emergency. Choose from standard courseware or custom topics for these short sessions.

We have experience dealing with a wide breadth of industry across Ontario. Since 2001, we have performed professional training for large and small corporations and non-profits as well as School Board, Community College and University groups.

Our instructors are independent business owners who know what’s required to succeed in the real world. They are accustomed to teaching adults with varying skill levels in the products they support and are extremely good at what they do!

After-course support is included in your fee!

Microsoft Office Training Guelph