We are Corporate Training Specialists

RCC Training started in 2001 as Resolutions Computer Consulting. The emphasis was on finding solutions for small businesses to aid in the efficiencies of their processes. In many cases, a need for training was identified and this soon became a large part of the services that were offered. In 2012, a decision was made to set up a separate web presence to promote the training services separately from the other consulting services. RCC Training was born.

Our training clients are in Ontario ranging from Kemptville in the northeast of the province to Sarnia and Ridgetown in the west as well as the GTA. They include government agencies, large and small corporations, school boards, Universities, non-profits and individuals. In 2017, we began scheduling public sessions – something new for us – to help reach those individuals working for smaller companies that weren’t able to put a group together for training. This has expanded our reach to smaller companies and enabled us to improve the efficiencies and skills of many more individuals.

We look forward to ensuring you have the skills you need so you can do your job better and get home on time!