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RCC Training Excel Training in Woodstock
RCC Training Excel Training in Woodstock

Our employees consistently report that they find John’s workshops informative and useful.  He teaches very practical skills and little tricks in the sessions which can be easily incorporated into their daily jobs.   We also hear that John is very knowledgeable, approachable, patient, and humorous.  He makes these technical programs fun to learn and less intimidating.

University of Guelph



I wanted to share with you the feedback we received from our team members that participated in your Access Database training sessions.  Lukas, who was our newest team member at the time, was thrilled with your training.  When I spoke with him, his face lit up when he told me how much he had enjoyed your coaching and how much he had learned.  When I  broached the subject of having him participate in the Crystal Reports training, he jumped at the opportunity.  My partner Joyce and our President, Pat Willmot, both commented on your ability to gauge the participants and tailor your approach to each person in the group.  They both said that you provided tremendous value for our training investment.

Creative Education of Canada, Inc., Sarnia



I met John for the first time when I attended one of his EXCEL courses.  I thought that he was very knowledgeable and understood the tricks of the program.  John also demonstrated an ability to make the class interesting (and humourous) and tailored it to my specific needs so that it was useful for me back at work.  I will definitely continue to utilize John’s skills in the future and would recommend him highly to anyone.

Alles Drywall & Interior Construction Inc., Waterloo


We hired John to train our employees on Excel and Access.  We held training sessions once every month for specific courses.  Our employees were very pleased with the training and their results. John made the programs easy to understand, interactive and fun. Employees felt comfortable with John and knew that he was genuine about helping them learn to use the programs.  We are definitely going to continue using John for all our computer training needs. Thanks for everything John!

Parker Hannifin Canada, Milton


I had the pleasure of attending John’s Excel 1, 2 & 3 courses.  John’s class sizes are small and not intimidating.  This allows him to spend time with the students individually as needed and not hold the rest of the class up.  He is able to gauge the level of the students and slow down when needed or offer bonus tasks, so that everyone is engaged.  John is a very knowledgeable and accommodating trainer – he is flexible with dates when planning for future training sessions and offers laptops for those students who cannot bring one.  The best part about John’s classes, is that they are fun!  He keeps things light and the room laughing with his jokes and style of training.

Executive Assistant, Contractor’s Rental Supply, Kitchener


We found John’s presentation style to be excellent.  He made the subject fun and interesting as well as easy to understand.  He has a knack for including content for those who are computer savvy as well as those with limited understanding.  Our staff couldn’t wait to get back to their desks to try some of the quick tips he taught us.  I am sure we will be using John’s expertise again and I would highly recommend his services.

Business Operations Manager, Ceramic Decor, Guelph


John has provided Outlook, Word and Excel training for our staff who have been at every level, from very basic introductory courses up to advanced.  In all cases the feedback is great.  Staff enjoy John’s presentation style and say he’s great at providing lots of tips and tricks, even if you’ve been using the software for years and think you knew it well.  John reads his audience and sets the pace according to their needs.  This is appreciated.

EastGen, Guelph


I had the pleasure of having John come to the office to do Access and Excel training for staff.  John’s ability to provide onsite training helped to ensure all staff could participate.  I was able to customize the course by mixing beginner, intermediate and advanced topics to ensure staff were getting exactly what they needed.

Following the training, our staff provided impressive feedback on John’s knowledge, passion and teaching style.  John was willing to adjust the course to fit our pace, provide tips & tricks and would share life experiences making the class both enjoyable & valuable.  I appreciated receiving John’s objective and unbiased assessment of our staff’s skills and knowledge.  I would highly recommend John’s services and expertise.

Director Business Support Services, MCAP Services Corp., Kitchener